Friday, March 20, 2009

Wish List!

My dear colleagues in the social work department have offered to host a "shower" for the kids at Mareshet's orphanage! Please consider purchasing something from the list below, or toss me a few bones and I'll make sure they go to purchase the most needed items. Right now, money for food and infant formula is critically needed. One of the world's poorest countries, Ethiopia is facing food and fuel scarcity, driving up the cost for our nonprofit orphanage for basics like grain, milk, vegetables, and electricity. My daughter is one of the kids that benefit directly from your contributions! Check out their website for more ways to help:

Fundraising Wish List for AHOPE Orphanage
An * indicates the wish is fulfilled

$200.00 for food * P., you rock!
$75.00 for one case of infant formula *
$50.00 for airplane weight charges
$375.00 for a pulse oximeter

Cloth diapers (traditional rectangular cotton)
Safety pins
Plastic diaper covers
Inexpensive terry bibs
Stethoscope *
Infant scale *
Adult scale
Blood pressure cuffs infant, child, adult sizes
NG tubes Pediatric #6, #8
2 tubes Anti-itching cream (e.g.. 1% hydrocortizone) *
2 tubes clotrimazole *
Lice treatment, Ketokonazole Shampoo
Feminine hygiene pads
Cefalexin 250mg and 500 mg capsule and syrup
Cloacillin 250mg capsule and syrup
Cotton balls
10 boxes Sterile gloves
Roll Bandage and sterile cottons
Nystatin suspension (oral preparation)
Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonid cream
Spatula (Tongue depressor for throat examination)
Rubber sheets (disposable)
Pepcid (Famotidine) antiacid tablet 20mg
Perimethrin cream 50% (for scabies)
Pediatric Nasogastric tube No. 6 & 8
HEXIT-Lotion (Lindane lotion1%usp) for scabies and poison

Athletic running shoes for children of all ages (2-14 years)
Croc style shoes (all sizes)
Socks (8-15 yrs)

Outdoor Play Equipment, (balls must deflate for packing):
Soccer Balls/Basketballs/volleyballs/bouncy balls/
Jump ropes/double dutch ropes *
Tennis balls/hackey sacs/pickleball paddles
Rocket balloons *
Hand held ball pump

Art/Craft supplies including:
Children's Diary
Pencil Sharpener *
Rulers *
Paints/Brushes/Finger Paints
Crocheting/knitting needles and Yarn
Cross-Stitch Kits
Art foam/Pipe Cleaners/googly eyes/feathers/pompoms *
Glitter glue *
Beads/Beading wire
Tissue paper/Feathers
Stamps/Stamp pads

If someone has a large duffel with wheels, I would love to borrow it!
Should we raise more than two adults can carry on board, I can get supplies to other volunteers and staff who are travelling soon. THANK YOU!!!! from the Children of AHOPE!

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