Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tragedy Strikes Coop

Early Tuesday morning, a sad fate befell our two favorite hens, Daisy and Peaches. A whiskered intruder, probably a raccoon, made a meal of them. The surviving chicken, Sharpay, was distraught and missing a tail. Needless to say, I will be locking her into a safer coop each night, with our teenager, Amelia Bedelia. Of the 12 chicks shipped, 11 remain, one having been incurably injured.

In other news, Mareshet participated in the local high school cheer squad at a football game last Friday. Nur and I enjoyed the marching band, hot dogs, and watching Mareshet shake it with real pom poms. She has some moves! I don't remember much about football, but I'm guessing that dropping the ball with one foot to go to the end zone is not cool. I felt bad for the kid, particularly given that he was on our home team.

Finally, we all spent Saturday on Bainbridge Island, as part of the Open Arms Perinatal Services strategic planning retreat. I really enjoyed getting to know the staff and new Board members better, and I think we agree that our mission and vision are hard to improve upon. We will tweak a few words but the passion for creating a world that really honors and protects the birthing woman and her family, is one that is still strong. For more information, or to to participate in our annual auction, go to www. I love that all of our kids are friends (the Adjunct Board) and got to play together at the children's museum and on the ferry ride. We are really blessed to be part of such a community.

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