Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Day in the Life

Monday: I took the day off so I could help in the kindergarten classroom. Witnessed 60 kids pounding nails into wood with gusto. Had lunch in the cafeteria with Nur. Noted all the staff I should make cupcakes for. Ducked out before recess, fed chickens, loaded some laundry, went to Costco to buy the doll for $19.99 that is identical in every way to the one Mareshet wants that is $95. Stashed it in the back of my closet to wrap for her birthday. Booked ice skating party, and ordered invitations online. Tried to figure out eBay; gave up. Did two more loads of laundry. Went to Target, bought paper bags, art supplies for holiday gifts. Realized I had to get back to pick up kids. Took them to ballet. Stalked my doctor's office for news of the adoption referral letter. Left a thank-you gift in the hopes it will grease the letter along. Picked up some books for emerging readers. Took kids to U bookstore, desperately seeking the"right" 2011 planner. Bumped into my student; realized I haven't done her evaluation yet. Drove home the long way to see the lights on Candycane Lane and the "crazy" bedecked house by the mosque. Got lost. Arrived home to make fish sticks. Helped kids distracted by glitter glue to focus on homework. Brushed three sets of teeth. Listened to new stories read by both girls. Yelled at them to stop whispering and go to sleep. Cleaned rabbit cage and went outside in dark to put the chickens in the coop. Went through my receipts. Found a lost doll shoe. Realized my bed wasn't made. Reluctantly dredged my sheets out of the dryer, made my only Salat prayer of the day, and crashed into bed.

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