Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Weariness

In the past few weeks, I've been working extra shifts as a way of saving for the adoption. I also continue to co-facilitate a bereavement group for parents who have lost infants. I am busy at work and overdue for writing the newsletter for Open Arms. I have been working out twice a week, which often leaves me overstimulated and sleepless. It isn't really any wonder that I feel run down. However, it is frustrating to know I could be far more productive, if only my body was better rested. My house looks like it is run by Muppets. This despite many hours of cleaning I put in over the weekend. While I accomplished things like sorting out all the clothes and boxing lots of things the girls have outgrown (Nur is now the size Mareshet was when she arrived!) these tasks are largely invisible or contributed to the clutter of the hallway. The girls sorted through their stuffed animals and made two bags of toys to give away, either to the "new girl" or other kids. I dutifully made two dozen cupcakes for the celebration at the Ethiopian Cultural Center, and cleaned up. However, that did nothing for the overall State of my kitchen. I suppose I just heave a big sigh, and set out on another Monday, in the hopes my blues will lift. The one household innovation I can look at with pride is the creation of a communication board in the kitchen. Here it is, as evidence that I have not been slacking too hard.

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