Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here We Go

Welcome, new readers!  This weekend I'll be completing the last of the gigantic paperwork bundle that the adoption agency sent to me after my initial application.  It includes things like the US immigration forms, Medical forms, and a Personal Data form.  I found the Personal forms challenging because the questions are open ended and all about my life's path, but they give you space for only about two lines of text.  It took me a couple of weeks just to do that packet alone, usually when Najma was sleeping.  I have started to tell a few more people about my plans.  Notably, I did break the news to a co-worker, someone who would be affected directly should I go on leave.  However, I think she took it rather well.  And with a year or more of likely wait time until I meet my new child, she will have plenty of time to process and we can be planning for it together.  I also told a mentor and friend at work, who provided the enthusiasm and joy I needed to bolster my confidence a bit.  Thanks, J. :)  Now I have to gear up to tell family, and Najma's father.  I really have no idea what to expect but assume major anxiety will be part of the mix.  Maybe Thanksgiving would be a good time.  Or maybe after the kid arrives :)

Anyway, today I'll head to Kinkos and make copies off the papers and the checks, and get it ready to send to the agency insha'llah.  It's not a point of no return, but it's also a significant commitment financially and emotionally.  Here we go!  Yikes-yippee!

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Summer said...

Hi, I found your blog through AAI Ethiopia group. I think you are very brave!