Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snapping Turtle

I'll admit it, last week I was sulking, something I try never to do.  But I was a real snapping turtle all right.  Our case was not heard in court and we were kept guessing as to when we might have a new date set.  What pulled me out of my funk, aside from excellent company, was remembering that last year at this time, I was embroiled in desperately trying to the house and move before the economy collapsed.  Thanks to God, it did sell and now that nightmare is only a memory.  I keep thinking: Next year at this time, my life will be totally different.  I'll have two little girls squealing and arguing in the background, and maybe I should just relax and enjoy the relative quiet and smaller grocery bills.  That was working well for me until dear Julee sent me ten stunning new pictures of Mareshet taken earlier this month.  Masha'llah, she is absolutely adorable.  I am reassured that she seems healthy and happy, but for goodness sake!!!  I can't wait to be her mommy.  Well, the good news is now our court date is set for April 28th.  I am much more optimistic that this time, our adoption will be finalized.
On another note, I devoured the book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, and am so grateful to my friend Tana for giving it to me!  In light of losing a parent at a relatively young age, I think I spend a lot of time thinking about the legacy I want to leave for my children.  However, I am embarrassed to say that among other practical steps, I have not updated my Will since the divorce; I've been waiting for the finalization of the adoption.  I'm happy to say that Mareshet does already have godparents, even if this is not really part of Islamic culture per se.  But I suppose my goal before the next court date is to get a draft based on some sound legal and financial advice (both Islamic and otherwise).  Friends, please remind me that this can't wait.  Mareshet has already lost two parents, and if something happens to me without plans in writing, I'll never forgive myself.  On a happier note, check out Miss Sassy (above!), who reminds me in all that she does to live out the dreams of my childhood.  

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